Elementary School Teacher: Highly Resourceful School District: Part 2

This post of mine is based off an interview with a 5th grade math, science, and social studies teacher from a wealthy school district in South Eastern Michigan. Along with many of the the surrounding schools, she is given all the resources she needs and the school stays very up to date with the text books and materials that they provide. The school consistently tests high in the nationwide and statewide standardized testing.

However, despite resources that educators all over the country would kill for, she believes that many imperfections exist with the way her school district asks her to teach. Her complaints are that the mass produced text books tend to be monotonous in that they require to students to read, ask a series of questions, and provide a few outside activities to do. While she appreciates the fact that the books provide that built-in lesson plan and prepare her students for standardized testing, she and other teachers at her school enjoy their job most when they are free to go outside the box a bit and employ their own projects. She believes MyEducationKey would be great to supplement the lesson plans she already has to mix up the curriculum and to get ideas for fun activities for her students.

To conclude my first entry, something that stood out from interview was when she explained to me that, “kids don’t look back and remember their favorite elementary school teacher as the one who helped them test in the 90th percentile of the Michigan State test scores. They remember the teacher who made learning fun, yet effective, and developed a personal connection with them.” The education system isn’t perfect and it may never be perfect, but with a willingness to adapt to the needs of the students, great teachers find a way to be remembered as favorite teachers and have a positive impact on the educational pursuit of their students.

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