Flip the Classroom through MyEducationKey

MyEducationKey – The Free Education is intended to be an educational resource to be used by Students, Teachers, and Institutions around the globe.

One of the ways teachers can utilize courses on MyEducationKey is to “Flip” the classroom. In this method, students will be assigned selected video lectures to watch as Homework. They will view lectures at home, take notes, write questions, and come prepared to the class.

During the next-day class session, the time will now be used in questions & answers, discussions, problem solving, practice, and doing projects. This will shift focus in the classroom from teaching to learning, and allow increased teacher’s time spent with students.

We are excited of the potential MyEducationKey has in changing the way education is available to everyone in the world – and all of that is FREE.

Be a Supporter of MyEducationKey, and get the word out to everyone in your circle of friends.

Sohail Khan

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