Learning Platforms That “Just Work”

Steve Wozniak, the Apple co-founder and lifelong inventor, made his predictions for 2013 in a blog post on Forbes. Main among his predictions is a belief that “businesses will look to use collaboration solutions that ‘just work’ – for every possible need.”

“Current technological advancements – such as the battery life improvements we’re continuously seeing – are making it even more efficient to be mobile. However, companies are still struggling to give their people the ability to be anywhere they need to be without leaving their desk, home or wherever they chose to work from.

To solve this, companies will move away from deploying “lite” collaboration apps in favor of all-in-one tools that fit nicely into their existing structures (environments?) and maximize this increasingly mobile workforce. Like every great consumer technology that emerges, though, they need to ensure that their collaboration tools are easy to operate. Implementing, testing and improving their systems to make them simpler and simpler will be a top priority and likely the difference between success and struggle……”

MyEducationKey is building that Learning Platform with a suite of products to take the next big step in making Virtual e-Learning a reality for ALL. In MyK12Ed, we’re creating a social learning community for K-12 Education, where institutions, educators, and learners can bring their efforts together, and collaborate & share, regardless of their device or location. As we move closer to our Alpha, we’d love to hear more about your thoughts and predictions for 2013. What will be big, what will go bust?

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