Teach for America! Part 3

A sharp contrast to my first post from a teacher in a wealthy district, as a young teacher with Teach for America, Sarah, was thrown  into a low income school district with little training and much to learn through experience. She right away was informed that many of  her students were performing significantly below their grade level in all subjects and many came from broken homes. Especially since she  was not an education major in college, she had several tough moments trying to learn how to be an effective teacher “on the go.”

Another  challenge is that Sarah has to teach all subjects, many of which she remembered very little from her days as a middle school student. Fortunately, she was able to persevere and believes she is really making an impact on the lives of her students. She is given supplies  and text books, much of which are outdated, and really has to work hard to create her own work sheets, projects, etc.

She truly was  excited when I described and showed her MyEducationKey. Not only could she get free teaching ideas and lessons, she was thrilled at the  prospect of one site having high quality resources to teach herself the material that she is not overly familiar with so she can better serve her  students. I am keeping in touch with Sarah as she uses MyEducationKey to see the effects that free resources can have in bringing her students up to  countrywide grade-level standards. Education can help to bring many of these kids out of poverty and Sarah understands just how big of an  effect she could possibly have.

Send me your comments. Feel free to share your experiences as Educators and Students.


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