Welcome: Founder’s Note

Dear Friends,

Welcome to MyEducationKey – The FREE Education web portal for K-12, University and Professional Development, with a revolutionary virtual model that will extend the frontiers of learning around the world! 2011 was the year when we launched MyEducationKey. Students, Teachers, and Institutions from around the globe are steadily visiting our web portal and finding this to be a great resource for high-quality educational content.

Our vision is to make virtual education a reality for millions of students, teachers, and schools world-wide.

Since our launch, in the last two months, we have added over 2,000 video lectures covering College Test Preparatory Courses (ACT/SAT), Accounting, Entrepreneurial Management, and Object Oriented Programming in Computer Science. Going forward, we plan to add learning sections on, (a) Montessori Education, (b) Educational Games, (c) World Languages.

We believe, access to high-quality education is a fundamental right of every human being, and are excited of the potential MyEducationKey has in changing the way education is available to everyone in the world – and all of that is FREE. Be a Supporter of MyEducationKey, and get the word out to everyone in your circle of friends.

Sohail Khan

P.S. Please share your opinions of MyEducationKey on our Feedback Page

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3 Responses to Welcome: Founder’s Note

  1. Shahmeer Baweja says:

    Dear Sir Sohail,
    I was very happy when I found out I could quench my thirst for knowledge at all levels with just a click away for free…I can really see the huge potential this free education web portal has. Sadly, there are many people who are deaf and hard of hearing and so they cannot benefit a lot from lectures on videos. The solution for them would always be the introduction of subtitles in the videos. I am relieved to hear that a few videos have subtitles on but quite a large number of them do not have it. Therefore, I kindly request you to enable automatic subtitles in almost all the videos for those who are deprived of the blessing of the sense of hearing.

    Thank You,
    Shahmeer Baweja

    • Sohail Khan says:

      Dear Shahmeer:

      I am so glad to hear your positive feedback, and that you like the vast amount of rich content available on MyEducationKey. I fully understand the difficulty for hard of hearing students in following the lectures, since I myself have two lovely sons who are hard of hearing. We are trying hard to see if there is a possibility of doing caption to the video lectures that do not have them.

      In the meantime, have you tried using closed caption option CC in the bottom right corner of each video? These captions are a very good resource, about 90% correct, and hopefully will give you most of the lecture content. Please keep me posted how is it coming?

      Be the spokesperson of MyEducationKey in everywhere in your social circle, and school.

      Thanks, and Regards
      Sohail Khan

      • Shahmeer Baweja says:

        Oh my God! I just saw this now and realized that I haven’t replied to you ever since March. Well, I am seeing that some more videos are enabled with closed captioning CC option. Thank you. I will tell my university friends about the great potential MyEducationKey has.

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