Educational Games/Save My Robotos Instructions

To Start: Levels 1, 2, and 3 are Tutorials.

Click Once on each of the buttons that are surrounded by glowing waves.

You will be Saving My Robotos by first programming what the Robotos should do (yes they all move to the same program).

Then by pressing the Play button you will save my Robotos to the green teleport points.

If something goes wrong, press the 'Stop' button, make necessary changes in program and try again to save my robotos.

You can clear your program in two ways: You can delete each instruction one by one using the back button or you can press the "c" to clear all.


Levels 4+: If a roboto is on the edge, it will ignore your command to go forward and will stay in place.

If there is a open spot before two Robotos that are facing each other they will stop in place rather than crashing.

My Robotos follow the rule that if they come to a spot the roboto to the right goes first. (right hand rule)

If there is a box in a roboto's way, my roboto will push the box. Boxes are used to press buttons that open gates.

Sometimes you need to open gates to save my robotos.