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Lecture : Volumetric Techniques
By Kimberly Berkowski | Digital Lab Techniques Manual
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Course Description
The "Digital Lab Techniques Manual" is a series of videos designed to help you prepare for your chemistry laboratory class. Each video provides a detailed demonstration of a common laboratory technique, as well as helpful tips and information. These videos are meant to supplement, and not replace, your lab manual and assigned reading. In fact, you will most benefit from watching the videos if you have already read the appropriate background information. To be a great experimentalist, you must understand both theory and technique! If you have questions about what you see, make sure to ask your TA or your instructor.
Courses Index
1 : General Chemistry   (Heino NITSCHE / Berkeley)
2 : Chemical Structure and Reactivity   (K. Peter VOLLHARDT / Berkeley)
3 : Principles of Chemical Science   (Catherine Drennan / MIT)
4 : Principles of Chemical Science I   (Sylvia Ceyer / MIT)
5 : Thermodynamics and Kinetics   (Keith Nelson / MIT)
6 : Introductory Quantum Mechanics II   (Robert Field / MIT)
7 : Small Molecule Spectroscopy and Dynamics   (Robert Field / MIT)
8 : Freshman Organic Chemistry   (J. Michael McBride / Yale)
9 : Chemistry 1A, 001   (Jerzy Wrobel / Berkeley)
10 : Chemistry Laboratory Techniques   (Multiple Instructors / MIT)
11 : Organic Reactions and Pharmaceuticals   (Steven Hardinger / UCLA)
12 : Organic Chemistry   (James Nowick / UC Irvine)