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Lecture : Grand Challenges in Energy
By Erika Wagner | X PRIZE Workshop: Grand Challenges in Energy
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Course Description

In 2004, the Ansari X PRIZE for suborbital spaceflight captured the publics imagination and revolutionized an industry, leveraging a $10M prize purse into over $100M in innovation. Building from that success, the X PRIZE Foundation is now developing new prizes to focus innovation around "Grand Challenge" themes, including genomics, energy, healthcare, and education.

This course will examine the intersection of incentives and innovation, drawing on economic models, historic examples, and recent experience of the X PRIZE Foundation to help develop a future prize in Energy Storage Technologies.

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1 : Introduction to MEMS Design   (Clark Nguyen / Berkeley)
2 : Control of Manufacturing Processes   (David Hardt / MIT)
3 : Introduction to Solid State Chemistry   (Donald Sadoway / MIT)
4 : Atomistic Computer Modeling of Materials   (Gerbrand Ceder / MIT)
5 : Symmetry, Structure, and Tensor Properties of Materials   (Bernhardt Wuensch / MIT)
6 : Underactuated Robotics   (Russell Tedrake / MIT)
7 : Supply Chain Management   (Multiple Instructors / MIT)
8 : Special Topics in Mechanical Engineering : The Art and Science of Boat Design   (Christopher Dewart / MIT)
9 : Various Sources of Energy - Seminar   (Multiple Instructors / Stanford)
10 : Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis   (Klaus-Juurgen Bathe / MIT)
11 : Renewable Energy and Alternative Fuels   (Weismann . / Berkeley)
12 : Engineering for the Future   (Multiple Instructors / UC Davis)
13 : Manufacturing Processes   (Multiple Instructors / UC Irvine)