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Lecture : COMP1917 Higher Computing part-4
By Susan Crosson | Higher Computing
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Course Description
This is the introductory course for computer science at UNSW. This course consists of three strands: programming, systems, and general computer-science literacy. The programming strand is further divided into two parts. For the first half of the course we cover small scale programming, in the second half we look at how to effectively use teams to produce more substantial software. In the systems strand we will look at how computers work. Concentrating on microprocessors, memory, and machine code. In the literacy strand we will look at topics drawn from: computing history, algorithms, WWW programming, ethics and law, cryptography and security, and other topics of general interest. The strands will be covered in an intermingled fashion. The following course, COMP1927 "Data Structures and Algorithms", will be recorded and posted in semester 2 of 2009.
Courses Index
1 : Software Engineering   (Armando Fox / Berkeley)
2 : Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs   (Peter Szolovits / MIT)
3 : Data Structures   (Paul HILFINGER / Berkeley)
4 : Data Structures and Algorithms   (Susan Crosson / University of New South Wales)
5 : Design in Computing   (Susan Crosson / University of New South Wales)
6 : Introduction to Data Structures   (Bigbean Counter / International Technology University)
7 : Software Engineering - I   (Bigbean Counter / International Technology University)
8 : Software Engineering - II   (Bigbean Counter / International Technology University)
9 : data structures   (Armando Fox / UCLA)