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Lecture : Data Structures and Algorithms part-15
By Susan Crosson | Data Structures and Algorithms
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Course Description
These are the 2009 lectures of COMP1927 Algorithms and Data Structures, aka Computing2 the second computing course taken by first year computing students at UNSW. This course follows immediately on from COMP1917 (also available on YouTube). These lectures were recorded August-November 2009 and are gradually being uploaded to youtube. A selection of the course material is available at All of the course material will eventually be available (once all the videos are posted) This course is followed by COMP2911 which looks at Design in computing, including OO design and algorithm design. In the first half of 2010 Richard's lectures for this course were also be recorded and will be posted next.
Courses Index
1 : Software Engineering   (Armando Fox / Berkeley)
2 : Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs   (Peter Szolovits / MIT)
3 : Data Structures   (Paul HILFINGER / Berkeley)
4 : Higher Computing   (Susan Crosson / University of New South Wales)
5 : Design in Computing   (Susan Crosson / University of New South Wales)
6 : Introduction to Data Structures   (Bigbean Counter / International Technology University)
7 : Software Engineering - I   (Bigbean Counter / International Technology University)
8 : Software Engineering - II   (Bigbean Counter / International Technology University)
9 : data structures   (Armando Fox / UCLA)