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Lecture : General Principles of Teaching
By Sajoy Mahajan | Teaching College Level Science and Engineering
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Course Description
This participatory seminar focuses on the knowledge and skills necessary for teaching science and engineering in higher education. This course is designed for graduate students interested in an academic career, and anyone else interested in teaching. Readings and discussions include: teaching equations for understanding, designing exam and homework questions, incorporating histories of science, creating absorbing lectures, teaching for transfer, the evils of PowerPoint, and planning a course. The subject is appropriate for both novices and those with teaching experience.
Courses Index
1 : General Biology Lecture   (Gary FIRESTONE / Berkeley)
2 : General Biology Laboratory   (Jasper RINE / Berkeley)
3 : General Biology   (Mike MOSER / Berkeley)
4 : Introductory Biology Selected Topics   (Tyler Jacks / MIT)
5 : Introductory Biology   (Penny Chisholm / MIT)
6 : Introduction to Biology - MIT 7.012   (Robert Weinberg / MIT)
7 : Introduction to Cell Structure and Function   (Richard Malkin / Berkeley)
8 : Life Sciences - Concepts and Issues   (Jay Phelan / UCLA)