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I am quite satisfied in joining this site.
Farhan Mohammad (Borama)
thanks for your efforts; it is appreciated but,i hope that you give a certificate for an accomplished course.
Abera (Tourism marketing analysis)
it will be amazing if this website can be translate to spanish as well.. i think this website is absolutely amazing... thanks
David Solis 
Very useful information! Its nice to see the portal. This is a great effort in the right direction. All the best!
Pravin (Learner)
Hello everyone! Multimedia education is very useful. There are a lot of lectures, scientific video you want to study and work. Well, it\'s just interesting. Video courses also help in self-education. To learn English, I started watching videos on your site.
Ann (Learner)
I am very clear to learn about development of children. After I will do it in my classroom.
Pissamai Kotphan (Early childhood teacher.)
I am just surprised to find all here. Everybody can fulfill his desires. Here is hope for wonder beautiful life. Hoping about a beautiful start.
Naimat Kamal (researcher)
help me to attend online classes
Mohammad Kashif Shahzad (student)
THNX- Greetings from Croatia:)
Zdenkicastanec (Teacher)
Find the site quite useful. Would be nice if you can add courses on MUSIC & CULINARY ARTS
Thank you so much for creating this educational site.
Ruth A. Arsenue (Instructor)
hi: free education for all, is my dream. and thanks a lot for the founders of this website..... I think your website is the best opportunity for me and again thank a lot for you. but I have a question that I would so glad if you answer me. the question is: If I would use your free lectures on your web, then will I be able to take an formal exam via Internet in some university and have a graduate degree. with all of my respect reza fahollanejad
Reza Fathollanejad (kurdistan of iraq)
Hello, the enterprise is wonderful. It will be more challenging to get certificates and diplomas, even if a contribution tuition will be asked. Thanks.
Michel Geremie BANEN 
The only thing that your website is missing is your phone number but everything else is good espically if your a free school also thank you for being a website that is global:-).
Kolby Kemp (delaware)
nice web site, aesthetic, courses, coverage,regarding education and publication of your learning service towards all society people. I am interested to know your up to date user statistics country wise, gender, age, education, nationality, community, ethnics,etc, to the mentioned email Id to share your service in India. with warm regards,kindly reply with requested data. I have completed M.Phil in Library and Information Science. hence to uplift as a token of affection, credit.
Simply wonderful. The material and the way of teaching gives complete understanding approach to the students and others.
Muhammad Tufail Nabil (Principal)
I like your website but you have to give certificate for completing courses, then it would make more sense. Greetings from Bosnia.
Arnes (bachelor of physics in education)
i really grateful of this site for helping every step of education and really love the way teachers taught. i am just asking for language for which i am thrill what can you bring to study for that section since it is not available.
Raman Ramlingam (student)
Discovering this website was a true fun for me. I found myself writing down while watching the videos. Thank you... Regards from Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Ema (PR consultant)
thanks for your efforts; it is appreciated but,i hope that you give a certificate for an accomplished course.
Marwan (yemen)
I have a best friend. I have best professional website.
JOY (seftstudy)
Great site! However was wondering if there\'s a possibility of obtaining a certificate of completion at the end of course.
Eleanor (student)
This is very useful site for learning!!
Khushbu Patel (TYbca)
Simply , thank you for the efforts!
Mahesh Deshmukh (Self Employed)
This site helps us a lot in terms of so many aspects in life and in educational matters. But could you please answer this. How can we get a certificate of completion from you for us to be able to use it in our future reference. thank you
Edrelen Gregorio (GSA)
I Wonder if it is possible to provide certificates for the courses.
Soualhia (Teacher)
It is a very good site. The main reasons are: it\'s free & content is full of Depth.
Sudip Kumar (Android Application Developer)
This is very useful website and i Realy like it...
Krishna (bca last year Student)
This website is great! I never finished my high school and this website has given me the option to aquire the knowledge i missed out on and a lot more! :)
Kevin (Student)
Hi! First of all, congratulations because you\'re doing an excellent job! I write you from Barcelona, Spain. I just want to point out one idea about learning. We learn anything through languages, and interaction with the others is a key issue and very helpful. I do not have any knowledge about teaching but as a student I experienced how critical theme is learning a language. In my country, Spain, is still expensive to travel abroad to learn a language. Searching for alternatives on line I\'ve found Verbling. I think is a good way of exchanging and practice. They started as a free web. Now they offer premium service. As I\'d said, it\'s just a suggestion and I don\'t know the costs or mechanisms of implementing that model of web. But It would be very appropriate for you excellent job. Thank you Anna
Anna (interactuate)
This has really helped a lot! But, Please could lecture be also delivered in form of PDF, I mean if handout could be created and uploaded in PDF/DOC format for we student to download and for us to read further.
Adeniyi (Student)
This has really helped me out a lot! Its free and i would so recommend it for anyone having trouble with school. Thanks guys! :)
Daniel (Student)
Dear Sir/Madam, I want to contribute my lecture on Quantitative Analysis for Business for your organization, How I can do this? Plz reply on my email.
Amjad Hussain (Lecturer)
Thank you so much and i like your website and your way of exposition, and i do not know how to thank you. Really from my deep heart, I respect your work and it is very nice and useful!
Mohamed El-Gareh (Graduate Student)
No doubt this site is a great source of learning. I will say they are really serving humanity. However unlike us who have access to internet and resources, it will be far more better to make its offline server available for download, so that students of less developed areas having no internet facilities also get benefited of this. At the end I will give this Virtual University 5 stars.
Hussain (Student)
Dear Sir Sohail, I was very happy when I found out I could quench my thirst for knowledge at all levels with just a click away for free. I can really see the huge potential this free education web portal has. Sadly, there are many people who are deaf and hard of hearing and so they cannot benefit a lot from lectures on videos. The solution for them would always be the introduction of subtitles in the videos.............Therefore, I kindly request you to enable automatic subtitles in almost all the videos for those who are deprived of the blessing of the sense of hearing.
Shahmeer Baweja (Student)
Its a good way of making the concepts clear! Focus should also be placed on linguistics and its application.
Nazia (Lecturer)
This is very informative and unique site. Students and Teachers both can take advantages from this site. Plz visit and tell your friends. Amjad
Amjad Kamal (Program Director)
...DEAR: I go through your website named myeducationkey. It gave me very much knowledge regarding my study. I request you to please upload the geology lecture; there is no lecture in the geology subject. For this act of kindness, I will be very thank full to you.
Sajid Ali (College Student)
I had just discovered this amazing website, that is non-profit website to help learners like myself. Always accepts donations. I have such a hard time understanding math word problems and I went to one of the lectures and one of the math teachers helped me understand how to break up the problems one step at a time. Great website. :)
Katrina Johnson (Student)
Hello, I teach 1st grade. I liked the stories in Language Arts. However, I didn\'t like the boring clips in phonics. The Math and Science are higher level learning videos. I would like to see videos on animals, plants, life cycles of plants and animals, water cycle, magnets, matter and natural resources-recycling.
Sakina Husain (1st grade teacher)
I am happy to see the MyEducationKey portal. I am convinced that it is a noble effort and one in the right direction. I hope more people/students will use it to augment their learning.
Athar Mahboob (University Faculty)
This is really a great prompt. Its contribution towards the learning is useful - both for students as well as teachers.
Zahra Akram Hashmi (Lecturer)
I appreciate how properly this team has given us complete access to all available Open Course-ware. Esp. my favourite lectures from David J. Malan. from Harvard. Right now i am downloading the available downloadable resources ....
Syeda Umema Hani (Asst. Professor and Ph.D.(SE) Fellow)
No doubt, it is really a wonderful site regarding open education. It is a valuable source for average students who want to take lecture from the most popular universities abroad. Thanks!
Om Parkash Malhi (IT/CS Teacher)
MEK has been so helpful for concepts covered in class that were not very clear to me. I use it as a concurrent learning and revising method besides my studies at university. The website is user-friendly and very accessible to anybody trying to learn.
Hiba Khan (Student)
Excellent resource for students at all levels! A discussion forum might be useful in the future.
Ali Siddiqui (Engineer)
Its great work and very helpfull to all students but required to add industrial manufacturing engg lecture.
AZMATULLAH (Master student)
Great! This website is very helpful for students, and teachers. I have never seen before such a compitable website. But, I want to just advice that please include more engineering subjects lectures.
Mehran Ali Gaho (Student)
A healthy activity. A fast method for those students who wish to learn through Electronic Medium.
MUHAMMAD (Researcher)
A much needed addition to online education. Great opportunity for students around the world to receive free educational videos.
Wasim Khan (CEO, ExpoNential Inc.)
I sincerely appreciate what this resource provides and only wish it existed when I was in grade school and college.
Michael Lance (Data Analyst)
I am humbled to be part of MyEducationKey - the only web portal bringing creative, high quality educational content to every student, teacher, and school of the world - from Pre-KG through to University education.
Sohail Khan (Founder, MEK)
Most Popular Courses Chemical Structure and Reactivity Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders - Seminar
Shaikh Mustaqueem (Student)
Please check out the website guys. It is really helpful and it is not all about math and science. Its got some really cool videos as well.
Mudassir (Developer)
Open Access Educational Video Lectures Available for K-12 & College Students, Self-Learners, and Teachers
Muqeet (Doctor)